Film Series

HPS collaborates with the Houston Jung Center on a film program offered on Thursday evenings in August.  Occasionally, additional films are presented during the year at other times.

This will be the seventh year of our collaboration with the Jung Center in offering films with presentation/discussion on two Thursdays in the spring and four Thursdays in August.  Attendance  continues to be about 100 each night, and occasionally people are turned away because the room is full to capacity.

Birdman–August 6 2015–Presenter, Jerry Ruhl, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Director: Alejandro Inarritu
Birdman depicts a former movie star, Riggan (Michael Keaton), as he questions his true identity and purpose and risks everything for authenticity via a risky Broadway production.  Riggan–like all of us–battles internal voices that may inspire or cripple and destroy.  this highly acclaimed drama/comedy explores the struggle between persona and Self, rationality and inner daimons, existential crisis and transcendence.

Safe–August 13, 2015–Presenter, Margaret Jordan, Ph.D.
Dr. Margaret Jordan presents an excellent analysis and leads the discussion of the film "Safe" at the August Film Series.
Director:  Todd Haynes
Named the best film of the 1990′s by Film Comment and the Village Voice, Safe tells the story of Carol (Juliannne Moore), an affluent woman leading an empty life, who develops chemical sensitivity and becomes increasingly ill.  In an attempt to find healing, she moves to a remote compound populated by others like her and run by a New Age cult-like leader.  The film subtly raises many questions about what is internal and what contribution society makes to human experience, what can and cannot be controlled, and the difficulty of telling the difference between real help and empty promises.

The Adjustment Bureau–August 20, 2015–Presenter, Anne Strain, L.C.S.W.
Director:   George Nolfi
Is the course of our life predetermined; or can we influence events?  A loose adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story, The Adjustment Bureau uses the age-ole story of star-crossed lovers to tease the viewer with a taut juxtaposition of fate and destiny.  Embedded in the story are motifs that mirror some current theories of the influence individuals have on the unfolding of the cosmos and the divine.

Rudderless–August 27, 2015–Presenter, Janet Schwind, L.C.S.W, Ph.D.
Director:  William H. Macy
After two years of grieving for his dead son, a man has lost his job and his house, but he is soothed when he happens upon music his son composed.  A thought-provoking exploration of human relationships and the psyche, this film received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival.   Rudderless depicts the impact of loss and how people grieve differently to keep loved ones present–a painful but enlightening journey.