About Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is both a way of viewing the human mind and behavior and also a method of treatment for mental illness. As a treatment, it is deep and intense, and the length of treatment is usually measured in years. Some people are drawn to psychoanalysis as a way of understanding themselves better or as a way of increasing their potential for satisfaction in life. Psychoanalysis as a perspective on human experience is used in the humanities as a critique of literature, art, culture, social groups, and history.

In the more than one hundred years since the inception of psychoanalysis, a great deal of innovation has occurred. Many different theoretical schools of psychoanalysis now exist, and its principles have been applied to psychotherapy, which is less intense than psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy may be practiced by any licensed mental health professional who has learned a psychoanalytic approach to therapy. Psychoanalysts are mental health professionals who also have intensive post-graduate training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.

The Houston Psychoanalytic Society is open to anyone who is interested in the study of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy. Some of our members are analysts, some are non-analyst psychotherapists, and some are interested in psychoanalysis for other reasons. Our programs offer continuing education credit to licensed professionals, and we present topics that range from treatment issues to the use of psychoanalysis to study an academic subject or a cultural phenomenon. We represent different theoretical perspectives in our programs, as well.