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Announcement from HPS President

posted Apr 30, 2021, 7:07 PM by Houston Psychoanalytic Society

Dear Colleagues,

The Houston Psychoanalytic Society (HPS) has joined the Psychotherapy Action Network (PsiAN) as a Strategic Partner, adding to the roster of organizations, including APsaA, AAPCSW, Division 32, Division 39, and many institutes, graduate programs and community mental health agencies, that have endorsed PsiAN.  

PsiAN  aims to restore psychotherapies of depth, insight, and relationship to their fundamental place in the mental health landscape through outreach, engagement and education, advocacy, and legislative change.   

As president of the Houston Psychoanalytic Society this year, I currently represent HPS on the PsiAN Steering Committee.  My experience thus far with this impressive organization has led me to believe that our ability to expand our active engagement with diverse communities, lawmakers, and institutions on behalf of psychotherapies of depth, insight, and relationship, can also lead to an expanded sense of self and analytic identity.  

I encourage you to think with me on how we (HPS) can be more active within our own greater Houston community in promoting psychotherapies of depth, insight, and relationship, and how we can partner with PsiAN in these and broader endeavors.  However, small actions matter a lot.  An important action that we can all do is support PsiAN by joining PsiAN as individual members.  I encourage each of you to support PsiAN by clicking on the “Join PsiAN” link.   Supporting PsiAN supports us all.  Membership is free, and you can join here: Join PsiAN

Lisa Miller, MD