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Houston Psychoanalytic Society Stance on Racism

posted Jul 1, 2020, 3:27 PM by Houston Psychoanalytic Society

Many of us have awakened to the inescapable reality that racism and all of its cruel brutalities, injustices, and inequalities is endemic.  That we have collectively participated in such blindness to this reality speaks to the power of unconscious mental functioning.

We as psychoanalytically informed clinicians have unique abilities and responsibilities to explore in ourselves and to listen in our consulting rooms for the denied pain and trauma that finds its expression in racism.  To fail to view racism as defending against disavowed mental states is to protect and maintain its destructive forces.  

We must commit to countering a tendency to fall back into the comfort, or discomfort, of silence on this issue in the clinical setting and in our professional societies. The Houston Psychoanalytic Society is committed to a society where the hates of racism are not allowed residence in the shadows of our minds or our communities.